BBC covering up truth of 9/11 – Ken O’Keefe & Richard Gage


“Cognitive dissonance is people’s inability to see that which is right in front of their eyes because of the effect it will have on their reality. Basically you are looking at information which is causing you to completely rethink you entire belief system, what your life has been about up to this point and this is hugely confrontational to people and they just don’t want to go there. I’ve had people tell me that even if the official story is true, I don’t want to know because I’m safe here, it works for me when I’m in this little bubble. I don’t want to know about what’s going on outside. And the implications of what things like 9/11 mean, the implications of the government actually doing that themselves and then going and murdering millions of people around the planet in response is just far too much for people to bear and so they just go into complete denial.” -Max Igan


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