The future of Islam in Western Europe

“Right now the European political class is split into two equally misguided political camps:

  1. Those who think that any criticism of Muslims is “Islamophobic”.
  2. Those who think that all Muslims and Islam are bad, bad, bad, bad.

These are very primitive and fundamentally misguided positions. More importantly, both of these beliefs are bound to result in failure to achieve anything. For the time being, many Europeans and Americans appear to be stuck in this false choice, but no matter how long it takes reality will eventually catch up with them and they will realize that there is no such thing as one “Islam” or a single type of “Muslim”. The truth is that the world of Islam is extremely diverse and that all of the ingredients needed for a complete defeat of Takfiris (whether of the al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Nusra or any other kind) can be found inside Islam. In fact, they can only be found inside Islam.”


One thought on “The future of Islam in Western Europe

  1. in this article is totally true, the part that pauaicrltrly rings true is the bit where you mention that after youv’e spent thousands of hours on something, it never really leaves you – so true! I’m studying for a music degree at the moment, and I play the piano, and I, like you, can identify weird sounding chords, etc when I listen to music! I think it’s a gift rather than a curse 🙂


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