Phony Hysterics Over North Korea

“Kim Jong-un, and his father and grandfather before him, have been ranting and raving for decades, vowing to destroy the ‘imperialists’ and threatening to attack the United States. Their crazy rhetoric, however, is not backed up by anything approaching a credible means to accomplish that goal: it’s pure bluster, meant to frighten their own people into submissiveness and deter an attack on their own territory. However, they do pose a very real threat to South Korea, which will be the battleground in any conflict between the Communist regime and the US. What’s amazing, at least to me, is the willingness of US officials to repeatedly state that the possibility of war is ‘on the table’ without any regard for the fate of the South Koreans, who would be the main victims of such a horrific eventuality.”

Source: Phony Hysterics Over North Korea by —


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